ZoneOne Pte Ltd provides end to end cctv security solutions from understanding client’s requirements on security to installation and commissioning. It has always been our passion to provide our services to our clients’ and seeing them grin and nodding their heads in assent. EPIC! 

We are basically a one-stop solutions for CCTV security systems. 

We only sell if we believe, in the capabilities of the system. 

We don’t change cheap recorder just to earn that bit of profit. 

We handpick the best recorder, the easiest to handle playback or backup of video feed, the less prone to hardware failure. 

We want you to feel secure. 

We have devised a setup installation such that we know which part of the setup went wrong after commissioning the CCTV security systems for a few mths or years. 

We are transparent and do not harbour any hidden charges unless needed. 

We work with what works at the moment and do not change any strategy to enhances our credibility. 

So call us to understand more, perhaps a site survey at no obligati

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